Once, there was a page…

by Dan Donald threading through
Published on  — #btp_1

What is Break the Page all about?

There’s a lot of really great stuff out there for design and development, looking at practical knowledge sharing through to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. We kind of wanted to go somewhere else and become a playground for ideas.

In short, it’s aiming to become an online periodical about the future and philosophy of the web. Much of that can be diving into the past as much as it is imagining how we want to move things forward. It’s about that step beyond the tools and techniques we use here and now and let ourselves consider the steps that are still beyond us.

We hope it’ll be a place to think about the bigger, maybe more abstract questions or ideas about the web and how we use it. While it’s scratching our own itch, we want to be open to anyone that wants to share their ideas on a similar level. If there’s some kind of abstract thought you had you didn’t have a place for, drop us a line, maybe it’s just what we’re looking for.


Illustration by Sam Hardacre (@nocturnalmonkey)


The way it’s presented will evolve too. We’re starting as something really simple and conventional but through incremental updates and acting where we can on the ideas expressed within our content, who knows how the project might shape up? We always hope to be open to new ways of doing things and unafraid to try out new things, so we’re hoping the site will evolve rather than wait for big reveal releases.

Not everyone is big on writing so we want to encourage people to create images or video as much as short or essay-length written pieces. It’s all about finding the best way to communicate your ideas. All we need it a title and brief summary from you and we’ll be in touch.

Fundamentally, the content and how it’s best accessed or consumed will shape what Break the Page is. It’s quite exciting to not know where it’ll go.